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Make Posts by Fans Show on a Facebook Fan Page Timeline

UPDATE (8/7/14): In the new Facebook Fan page layout, posts by fans on your page appear on the left side by default.


As you might have already noticed posts that fans (or non fans) of a Facebook Fan (business) page make appear in a small box to the right on the Fan page Timeline. This makes it difficult for those who are visiting the page to see what other people are posting and saying about your Fan page.

Pretend for a moment that a fan (or a non fan) has left an awesome post on how your business rocks their world and you want others visiting your page to see this post on your Fan page Timeline (and not just in the small box to the right), you are going to have to take the following actions.

Step one:

Go to your fan page admin panel and click "Edit Page" and then click on "Edit Settings"



Go to where it says post visibility and click "Edit" on the right. Leave the "allow posts by others on my page timeline" and "Highlight recent posts by others in a box at the top of my page timeline" options selected and click "save changes".




Step two:

Now go to your page timeline and in the box where the posts by others show, hover your mouse pointer to the right of each post. An "X" will appear, click the "X". Don't worry clicking the "X" won't erase your posts, it will open up a menu where you can select to make the post visible on your page.



Revised 1/27/14
Revised 12/1/2013

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