February 22, 2017

Social Media Fame

Seems like these days everyone is obsessed with social media fame. People with a large following (fake and real alike) are treated like royalty. Social media likes and engagement are the currency of today.

Having worked with celebrities and social media influencers of all sizes, I learned a lot about fame. It’s almost like I have a gift to make anyone social media famous. Don’t get too excited. Fame is not always what it seems. As with everything in life, there are good and bad things. Most people just see the luxurious aspect. The parties, the admiration, the material goods, the money making.

What will you do with social media fame once you reach it? Will you use it for good or for selfish reasons? Can you handle fame or will it drive you insane? Are you willing to do the work? No one said the journey will be easy.

Are you ready for social media fame? #SocialMediaFame

The other day I messaged my cousins. The Dr. Oz show needed sisters to be in one of their shows. The casting director loved their energy and a few days later they were on the Dr. Oz show. Their social media channels went nuts. They were instant celebrities in their circle of friends. They got social media fame. Wouldn’t you love to be in their shoes?

I get treated like a star everywhere I go. I get front row seating at concerts (when I don’t get stage access of course), I get to skip the lines. I get free food and beverage. I get the royal treatment. I am often in the celebrity and media suites. Would you like to know how I do it?

karla campos social media fame

Karla Can Make You Famous

Karla Campos’ social media fame tactics can be used by people wanting to become celebrities and by businesses who want to get more customers. Think of famous businesses, those you can’t seem to escape in commercials and advertisements. Karla has worked creating those campaigns. She has insider secrets everyone is dying to know.

Are you ready to learn more?

Below are just a few celebrity events I have participated in:

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